Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number

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Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number

Jeeto Pakistan is a biggest game show of Pakistan. A very best anker, actor no doubt Fahad Mustafa no one can pass him. He wins the people’s heart by his sweet speaking of style. His another of doing show is very best. It is very best and attractive show. Jeeto Pakistan winner number is a first game show of Pakistan who attractive the millions of people through Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number you can wins thousand of prizes by playing game. There are number of characteristics through this program attracts our attention . People of Pakistan and also out of country they look this game show-very found of you can win cold cars motorcycle electronics things home appliances laptop, cash, diamond ringstops, kitchen appliances, plotsin bahria town, Dubai returns tickets, Ummrah package in Ramadan and many more. It is true and car wins pass of jeeto Pakistan on Ary Digital. Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number is start 18th May 2014. This game show is called be the best show for entertainment. Jeeto Pakistan ranking is increasing day by day. Mostly this game show is organized in karachi city but occasionally. It is on air from other cities.Jeeto Pakistan winner list. It isa very best show. Fahad Musafa wins the people heart. They attracts the people attention. ARY digital is one most of watched channel in all over this program jeeto Pakistan game show.


Jeeto Pakistan popular Game Show

Very interesting and information game show. It is the forst and last game show of pakistan. People participate this game show. Fahad Mustafa is very best actor and director . He is host actor director and producer. He is famous for hiswell known program Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number. He was first seen of TV play sheeshe ka mehal meanwhile he started production. In 2014 Fahad Mustafa made a film Na maloom afraad very best movie of the year. Women youngest, children and all people like him equally. Same program (game show) on released another channel but they can earned bit profit and disappeared. because they could not beat to see program from other cities.Jeeto Pakistan winner list.

Jeeto Pakistan Watch In All Cities

Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan , Chakwal, Hyderabad, Peshawar and many other cities. They win the prize by his luck. Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number is several segments, Each of the content prizes in return for achieving a game tasks giving by host Jeeto pakistan head office number,. These segments are khul gai qismat bat banti ha, dance segments eating competition, Pushup segments, and other segments jeeto Pakistan Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number. Jeeto Pakistan show is funded by sponsers, advertiser and commercial brands. Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number a well known game show held in Lahore, Islamabad and Dubai. People are excited to participate this game show. Two Families are include in khul gai qismat people attention are in this segments Fahad Mustafa also dilivers a lot of prizes in people. Asking a small question. These questions are very easy and interesting very sweet tongue twister, lori sunao, and small little question. Jeeto Pakistan winner list. He also scholarship to the desrving students. It is very big show. It is on air 7:30pm on friday and 7:30pm Sunday. It is live on TV ARY digital.

Jeeto pakistan Contain Different Segments

In Ramadan daily this program is shown. cars bike gold Ummrah ticket and much more prizezs inJeeto Pakistan Winner Number. People who wins these prizes they should be get the passes of jeeto Pakistan watch this program on ARY digital Jeeto PakistanComplain Head Office. Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number game sow is very famous and best show of the Pakistan main purpose to telecast this game show is to entertain which is presented through light criticism and creating suspense among viewers. Fahad Mustaf is a teented guy he is among the all people take salfe with Fahad mustafa in bat banti ha segments suspense among viewrs. Now who wins the 10 tola gold then Fahad Mustafa gave his/her deal box in deal box many prizes gold and also car Jeeto PakistanComplain Head Office.. A very suspense in weiwrs Jeeto pakistan head office number. Those who win car he is very happy. And some times one person or one family take 2 cars in khul gai qismat. Tukka and luck also works in this program. Jeeto Pakistan game show. I like this program and also watch regular this program on Friday and Sunday at 7:30pm on ARY digital. So watch this program and win passes of Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number participate are selected randomly from a studio audience, who regular passes to attend the show. He can interact to each other and every when he is diong progress found Amir Liaqat and Waseem Akram Shoib Akhtar struggling before Fahad Mustafa but they are for behind from him People wins prizes through by playing game or task. Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number is very popular in these days. Jeeto pakistan complain head office

Jeeto Pakistan Is Popular in all aged People

Everyone likes this program childen, youngest, women and all aged people see this game show regular. They wait of friday and Sunday. Very interesting and best game show in pakistan. Its set is very varius very good lights and attractive background jeeto Pakistan’s team is very active and hardworking. people of jeeto Pakistan are very excited they are noise and clapping for contested. See Jeeto Pakistan Winner Number at half past seven o clock on ARY digital every Friday and sunday. Fahad Mustafa speak very nice and clear they atrract the all participate attention during the jeeto Pakistan show you can gets chance to participate this program and also get a bike. Due to these Questions this show is a best show than other game show Fahad Mustafa doing very good acting. Jeeto Pakistan is one of the best and biggest game show has large number of expensive prizzes. the segment-of bat banti ha is suspens surprised. Every one do not know what is in this box. Jeeto pakistan complain head office.

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