Jeeto Pakistan Complain Head Office

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Jeeto Pakistan complain head office

Jeeto Pakistan complain head office Jeeto Pakistan is a stage show of Pakistani channel ARY. It is not only watched in Pakistan but also in the countries where Urdu is known. This is an entertainment program which has viewership of female more than men. Jeeto Pakistan If a program has billion viewers then there must be people who have complained from this program Jeeto Pakistan complain head office. We will provide information If you have any of complain from this program. Fahad Mustafa is the Anker of the program who is actor, director and producer. This program is based on competition games and tasks. Those who are winner or successful in these tasks are given prizez. Jeeto pakistan head office number

Jeeto Pakistan complain  head office

To complain about a program you can contact to its head office Jeeto Pakistan complain head office. Complain office of jeeto Pakistan is ARY channel. You can complain to ARY head office which is near to you. Here is a list of  head office address and contact number.

As ARY is the host channel of jeeto Pakistan this is why any complain suggestion one needs to contact ARY channel who will transfer this complain up to director producer and other concerning peopl


 Which of the complain common people may have Common people

May have different complains to different programs they want to express their opinion and want concerned people to listen them Jeeto Pakistan complain head office. They may complain that that jeeto Pakistan is promoting vulgarity as there is free mix of both sexes male and female who interact with one another without any restriction. We can see the dressing of girls. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office Some of them are wearing jeans and tight t shirts which is not acceptable by common people. Jeeto Pakistan head office number They may complain that such dressing will be common in the society. Such complain are common in a Muslim community. Program director can overcome this complain by little effort. Such complain are easily removed. Viewer may complain of glamour which is available in the program. We can see expensive setting and gifts which are given to contestants. Which can create a sense of deprive among common people. Heavy sets expensive awards are necessity of program.  The Director can listen and console them to solve it as well. Viewer may complain that this program is aimless. it doesn’t give any moral lesson , audience are at right in this matter. But program official may reply that main purpose of this program is entertainment which is there in each and every scene Jeeto pakistan winner list.

ARY channel

ARY is a group of channels which include ARY news ARY digital ARY music ARY films etc Jeeto Pakistan complain head office. ARY group is working in Pakistan UAE Middle East North America and Europe. ARY groups of companies are dubai based company founded by Pakistani businessman Abdul Razzq Yakoob.  This channel is considerd to be pioneer in Pakistan broad casting. Jeeto pakistan head office number Ary digital is the channel which is most watched in Pakistan. It is working internationally in UK UAE EUROPE. In the very beginning it was launched in UK then it extended its services up to Pakistan. For any complain queries suggestion or opinion you can talk to the officials of the company by using office numbers given above.

Fahad Mustafa Anker of the program.

Fahad Mustafa is the Anker of the show. He is young energetic and talented guy. If program is touching height of popularity then credit goes to fahad Mustafa. He is blunt friendly guy who easily create relation with his audience. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office Audience feels better to be with him. He sometimes amuses them with funny chat other time torture them by creating suspense. He was first found on TV channel I drama sheeshe ka mahal. In 2008 he started tv production. Other famous tv serial include hail e dil aashti bah rani ae dasht e junoon masuri main abdul qadir ho and koinahe apna Jeeto pakistan winner list. Jeeto Pakistan is best game show among all. In 2014 with nabeel quereshi he made a film.in2016 he appeaered maah e meer a movie by anjum shehzad. In the same year he appeared in the actor in in law won best movie the  year award and mustana wwon best actor of the yesr award. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office He played voice role in three bahadur and revenge of the revenge of the baab balam. He hosted Pakistan  launching ceremony of Karachi kings  in 2017 . he than also hosted opening ceremony of PSL which was highly appreciated by audience. He is working there in a sequal of movie na maloom afrad which is about to be launched. Nadeem baigs movie jawani phir nhe aani was super hit. Fahad Mustafa Jeeto Pakistan is working in its sequal.  Fahad Mustafa is also working in another movie of nadeem baig. It was a brief introduction of fahad mustafas show biz career. Fahad Mustafa is sourse of inspiration for many youngsters because he achieved a lot. He sis a sicere guy  who always respected elders and loved young ones.

 Tricks of jeeto Pakistan to increase its viewers

The director of jeeto Pakistan has apllied different tricks to increase its viewers. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office The best anker they have appointed to run their show. Who is mature enough to handle a program. The besackground scene are used in this program. Jeeto pakistan winner list. We can see blue color inbulk in the surrounig of show which gives cool effect. Moreover  the building is in round shape which is convenient to show and control. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office Audience sits on first floor while anker and players perform in the centre of the building. Everyone can see and interfare easily in the discussion of anker and players. All type of audience is there in the show from old people to small children audience consider it to be a family environment and family show Jeeto Pakistan. If you have a complain opinion and suggestion then you can contact to official of the programthey will encourage it

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