How To Win A Car In Jeeto Pakistan

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How Win A Car In Jeeto Pakistan

Jeeto pakistan is a best pakistani game show which aired on ARY Digital. This show is a biggest sow of Pakistan and not famous only in Pakistan it is also very famous in other countries. Jeeto Pakistan is Hosted by Fahad Mustafa he perform very good in this game show he is a great actor producer and host and also well known in Pakistani film industries. Jeeto Pakistan Head Officer Number at show

How Win A Car In Jeeto Pakistan for Show

Jeeto Pakistan is a segment based show which conducted in front of audience in Jeeto Pakistan everyone gets many prizes. In Jeeto Pakistan Pakistan there are different segments which play in this game show and then it make a very intersting game show. Jeeto Pakistan helpline number.  A segment “Car Bachao Ghar Le Jao” in which a lucky audience get a big chance to win a new car in this segment the member to do the correct answer of the questions which asked by the host but if he gave the wrong answer he will be battered or or broken off to get the car. Jeeto Pakistan winner list.

Qmobile Car win in Jeeto Pakistan

An another segment “Khul Gai Qismat” which is very intersting segment and depend on the luck of every person.Jeeto Pakistan winner number. In which your luck in your hand and you can get a brand new car and other big prizes and these prizes get anyone from audience on his own luck. Jeeto pakistan check prize online.

Baat Banti Hai of Jeeto Pakistan Game show

A segment “Baat Banti Hai” In where ther are many boxes of Gold but there is a twist in this game. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office. A lucky member from audience can get a big chance to win unexpeted rich. In this segment all boxes contain a different amount of gold but a person who play this segment can guess correct quantity of gold fahad mustafa get many chance and gave many deal but it depend on you if you left 30 tola or 50 tola in last tow boxes then you can get deal box or Gold.Jeeto Pakistan winners. Many people will be loads rich befor going to home so, in this segment audience will be get different amount of gold and other prizes.
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